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Louise Bourgeois, 2001
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Артикул: tea_towel1
Размер: 50cm x 70cm
Материал: 100% Linen
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The humble tea towel is one of Third Drawer Down's signature artist products.
A practical and fun way to dry the dishes, it can also be stretched onto a canvas at your local framer and double up as an affordable artwork for your home.
 Third Drawer Down Studio has re-released this Virtues théologales tea towel with in collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and Louise Bourgeois' studio, The Easton Foundation.
 The artwork, 'Virtues théologales (Flower)' is screenprinted onto linen and also features embroidery.
 Roughly translated, the petals read: "Loves me, loves me not (passionately, crazily, not at all, with love, a little, a lot..."
Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Charles & Ray Eames, 1956
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