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Bookcases: from Salvage to Storage: 14 DIY Designer Projects

Aurélie Drouet, 2016
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Артикул: bookcases-_from_salvage_to_storage
ISBN: 978-1902686820
Издательство: Scriptum Editions
Количество страниц: 192
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Bookshelves showcase our favorite books and most treasured objects, are useful and practical—but, far from reducing them to their simplest function, we love that they reflect our style and individuality, becoming design features in their own right and, yet, harmoniously fitting into our living spaces. They are also relatively easy to make and accessible to everyone. No need to be an experienced handyman to realize these original designs: this book presents 14 creations with step-by-step photos, plans, and technical tips.
And for inspiration, Aurélie Drouet peruses some of the more ambitious library, and bookcase, projects by leading designers and architects.
Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Charles & Ray Eames, 1956
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