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Rothko: The Color Field Paintings

Christopher Rothko, 2017

Rothko: The Color Field Paintings

Christopher Rothko, 2017
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Артикул: rothko-_the_color_field_paintings
ISBN: 978-1452156590
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Тип обложки: Hardcover
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 120

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Mark Rothko's iconic paintings are some of the most profound works of twentieth-century Abstract Expressionism. This collection presents fifty large-scale artworks from the American master's color field period (1949–1970) alongside essays by Rothko's son, Christopher Rothko, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art curator of painting and sculpture Janet Bishop. Featuring illuminating details about Rothko's life, influences, and legacy, and brimming with the emotional power and expressive color of his groundbreaking canvases, this essential volume brings the renowned artist's luminous work to light for both longtime Rothko fans and those discovering his work for the very first time. A textured case and large-scale tip-on on the front cover round out this sumptious package.
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