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Набор Brutal East

Zupagrafika, 2017

Набор Brutal East

Zupagrafika, 2017
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Артикул: set_brutal_east
ISBN: 978-83-947503-0-5
Размер: 24 x 30 x 0,5 cm

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From the functionalist panelák estates to the otherworldly concrete grand designs, the charm of the former Eastern Bloc architecture 
is certainly brutal.

"Brutal East" by Zupagrafika is a kit of illustrated paper cut-out models celebrating post-war architecture of Central and Eastern Europe that 
allows you to playfully explore and reconstruct some of the most controversial edifices erected behind the Iron Curtain and in former Yugoslavia. Contains 7 brutalist buildings to assemble, from omnipresent pre-cast housing estates to mighty post-soviet landmarks awaiting renovation or threatened by demolition. 
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