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Super Fresh Juices and Smoothies

Nicola Graimes, 2014
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Артикул: super_fresh_juices
ISBN: 978-1849754934
Издательство: Ryland Peters & Small
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 144
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Along with the nutrients gleaned from fresh fruit and vegetables, these great-tasting drinks contain the added benefit of active super-nutrients such as spirulina, wheatgrass, maca, baobab, lacuma, acai berries, chia seeds, and raw cacao among many others. To help those unfamiliar with these super-nutrients, an in-depth list with a detailed explanation of their numerous health benefits is featured as well as information on how to use them. There is no comparison between home-produced juices and storebought ones from a health point of view; with homemade drinks you know what you’re getting, you can choose your favorite fresh produce and they are additive-free with no added sugar and they’re not pasteurized, a process which can deplete their nutritional status. Alongside over 100 recipes, this book gives valuable practical advice on getting the most from your fresh produce, including shopping tips, covering seasonality and foraging, plus a guide to buying a juicer or blender that best suits your needs.
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