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Super Smoothies: Over 60 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Fern Green, 2017
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Артикул: super_smoothies
ISBN: 978-1784881054
Издательство: Hardie Grant Books
Тип обложки: Hardcover
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 160
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In Super Smoothies there are over 60 healthy smoothie recipes divided into 12 detox plans to help your body detoxify efficiently. From stimulating metabolism, achieving clearer skin, alkalising and aiding digestion to boosting your immunity, there's a smoothie plan for everyone. Each recipe is packed full of goodness, helping you achieve optimum health. We need to give our bodies some assistance in eleminating harmful substances and toxins in our immediate surroundings and a detox plan can help with this. A smoothie detox can give the body the time it needs to flush out the backlog of toxins. By increasing your intake of a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and eliminating processed foods, smoothies help to restore your natural balance. A short detox is a wonderful way to boost your system and stimulate the whole metabolic process. Excess weight falls off, your skin becomes clearer, your hair shines and your eyes brighten, making you super, happy and healthy. The recipes are quick and easy. You can immediately see all the ingredients you will need laid out on the page, check the preparation time and quickly scan the method at a glance.
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