The Constructivist

Zupagrafika, 2017
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Артикул: the_constructivist_
ISBN: 978-83-947503-2-9
Издательство: Zupagrafika
Тип обложки: paperback
Размер: 25 x 25 x 0,5 cm
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It was alongside the rise of the Soviet era when the Russian avant-garde movement started one of the most influential creative revolutions in the 20th century. The Constructivists, forming part of this wave, rewrote the history of art, design and architecture and their legacy still remains contemporary.
“The Constructivist” by Zupagrafika allows you to playfully shape your own avant-garde community with geometrical forms inspired by some of the most seminal examples of Russian constructivist architecture erected between early 1920s and mid -1930s, such as: Melnikov House, Kirov Town Hall or Nikolaev`s House. 
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