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Urs Fischer: Good Smell / Make-up

Urs Fischer, 2005
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Артикул: urs_fischer-_good_smell_-_make-up
ISBN: 978-2940271320
Издательство: JRP
Тип обложки: Paperback
Язык: En
Количество страниц: 464
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Urs Fischer's sculptures, drawings and installations, says curator Beatrix Ruf, strike the viewer “as if an Internet search engine had generated a massive number of hits leading to technical and mental breakdown.” This book has been conceived by the artist as a cross-reading of his process-related and “style-less” work through the arrangement of more than 200 images, including reproductions of works, installation views, studio shots and special features. Using a multitude of ordinary materials, Fischer creates non-hierarchical collages of objects and thoughts, high and low aesthetics, mundane and artistic memories, and personal and political interrogations. Laid out as a studio journal, the publication also includes musical scores from the London-based composer, engineer and consultant Garrick Jones, who wrote eight compositions inspired by Fischer's work. The scores are reproduced over 200 pages of the book, and recordings of them are available separately on CD or as downloads.
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