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The creative game "Karty"

GARAGE, 2013

The creative game "Karty"

GARAGE, 2013
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kARTy familiarizes children with the diversity of genres and techniques used in contemporary art, and also teaches them to create works of art using unusual objects.


kARTy is a creative game based on works of contemporary Russian artists. It was designed by staff members of the Educational Department of the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. 
Artists featured are both non-conformist masters (such as Erik Bulatov and Francisco Infante), and young artists (Anya Zhelud and Tatiana Akhmetgalieva). There is an image of an art work on the front side of each of twenty cards included in the set, while on the reverse side there are activity notes (questions and a creative task for children which they can do at home with their parents or with a teacher at school or kindergarten). 

In the form of a game kARTy introduces children to various types and techniques of contemporary art (not only to painting and drawing, but to collage, installation, sculpting in different materials as well). The creative activities teach children to make their own works of art from the most unexpected objects such as soap, adhesive tape for packaging, foil or a sponge for washing dishes.

In addition, the game helps to develop creative imagination and independent thinking, gives children non-trivial tasks (e.g. to figure out how to sculpt smoke or a ray of light).

There are similar educational supplies in Europe. Thus, authors of the new game used Art in a box of Tate Modern (London) as a basic idea for kARTy, but in our country there are no equivalents to this unique game. In Russia, where there are many adults hardly familiar with contemporary art, the educational value of kARTy cannot be overestimated: this artistic tool may be the only source of information about a variety of genres, techniques and themes of contemporary art in towns where there are no museums or galleries exposing modern art.

The questions and tasks offered on the cards are formulated in simple language so that a child has no difficulty in understanding the text. Parents greatly enjoy doing kARTy with their children as adults engage in art work shared with the kids and learn a lot about contemporary art.

kARTy can be a good resource both for school and kindergarten. There is an extra textbook specially designed to help teachers use kARTy in the classroom during lessons. To date there have been lessons arranged based on kARTy in kindergartens and schools of Ufa, Perm and the Perm region, Krasnoyarsk, and the Kostroma region.

The first limited edition of kARTy was published by the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in 2011. In May 2013 this new edition of the creative game was issued within a co-published series of the Garage Center and the Clever Publishing HouseЮ Books are available in the Garage Center bookstore, in as well as in major bookstores of Moscow.

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