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The Side-Show Epoch

Pavel Pepperstein, 2017

The Side-Show Epoch

Pavel Pepperstein, 2017
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Pavel Pepperstein has received acclaim as a master of psychedelic realism—a literary and artistic movement whose principles he developed in the 1990s, in his famous novel The Mythological Love of Castes(co-written with Sergei Anufriev), as well as in his later popular writings: Swastika and the Pentagon, Spring, War Stories and A Prague Night.

Pavel Pepperstein is among the most intriguing and discussed, if not one of the most controversial, figures in contemporary Russian literature, as well as an established artist who has represented Russia at the biggest international exhibitions.

His The Side-Show Epoch consists of twenty-six short stories about the phantasmagorical world of entertainment that stretches across modernity, ancient times, and the afterlife. Set against a futuristic hallucinatory background, Pepperstein’s stories pose the question of how our own age of transition will appear to our descendants.

Each story is illustrated with reproductions of Pepperstein’s paintings and his miniature drawings made specially for the edition.

The publication will be of interest to the broadest audience.

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